Minnapad Recognized with the Best Web3 Project of the Year for Empowering Japanese Pop Culture IPs with Blockchain Innovation

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[DUBAI, United Arab Emirates] – Minnapad, a leading startup representing Japan’s embrace of Web3, has received the Best Web3 Project of the Year at the highly anticipated Future Enterprise Awards 2023 for its remarkable contribution to empowering Japanese pop culture intellectual properties (IPs). 

The Future Enterprise Awards holds a distinguished and esteemed position within the technology sector of the Middle East. Its primary purpose is to highlight and honor trailblazers in the realms of innovation and technology. This award recognizes Minnapad’s dedication to restoring power to creators and fans through decentralized and innovative blockchain solutions.

Minnapad has transformed the way Japanese pop culture IPs are developed, disseminated, and monetized by utilizing the power of blockchain technology. Their creative strategy challenges established paradigms and generates new financial models that benefit both creators and fans. With blockchain’s transparency, security, and immutability, Minnapad ensures that the rights and interests of all stakeholders in the pop culture ecosystem are protected.

MENA, the Middle East and North Africa region, stands as the world’s most open market for blockchain and cryptocurrency. It also boasts one of the largest overseas markets for Japanese pop culture outside of Japan. Recognizing this immense potential, Minnapad is strategically focusing on the MENA market, actively expanding its presence and establishing valuable partnerships within the region.

As part of their commitment to the MENA market, Minnapad is thrilled to announce its participation in Gitex with JETRO. This prominent event showcases Minnapad’s dedication to fostering relationships in the region and furthering blockchain adoption. Alongside their participation, Minnapad will also be launching their utility token, MINNA, at MEXC during this period, providing fans and supporters with an opportunity to engage with the platform and contribute to the growth and success of the ecosystem.

“This recognition reaffirms our mission to empower and elevate Japanese pop culture IPs through blockchain innovation. We are proud to be leading the charge in revolutionizing the industry and creating new opportunities for creators and fans.” said Tatsuya Nishioka, the Founder & CEO of Minnapad.

About Minnapad

Founded in 2022, Minnapad is a pioneering DAO launchpad on the Polygon chain. Based in Japan and Singapore, Minnapad aims to empower creators and fans of Japanese legends and icons by providing a platform for co-creating groundbreaking intellectual property (IP). With notable industry figures, such as Mega Man’s Keiji Inafune and TEKKEN’s Seiichi Ishii, spearheading DAOs on Minnapad and the backing of the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), Minnapad is revolutionizing the way creators and fans collaborate in the entertainment industry.

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